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Moroccan Beni Ourain Rugs are the weaves, carpets, and textiles that have been traditionally hand-woven in Morocco. these kind of Rugs have been woven by the indigenous people of Morocco since the last millennium.
100% hand-woven sheep wool, soft deep-pile best quality area rugs with pure sheep wool used to hand-weave the beautiful Beni Ourain rugs, Very thick and rich, they are also very soft, the wool quality is high and so they feel just great under the feet. slightly creamy weaves from the thick fur give the rugs an excellent neutral to fit in a variety of spaces.
Moroccan Beni Ourain carpets are woven from undyed natural wool and traditionally decorated with geometric designs. These magnificent rugs have the fascinating ability to connect the long history of the nomadic Berber tribes with modern day interiors.

The Beni Ourain pile-weaving tradition may date back as far as the tribe's arrival in their present settlement region around the turn of the last millennium. This suggestion is based on the need for these tribes to produce textiles for protection against winter cold in the highland areas.
The Beni ourain rugs are indeed gaining a growing popularity within interior designers mainly for their natural, organic, hand-craft feel in addition to their modern look making them fit perfectly with modern decor, they bring in all spaces in the home totally chic decorative flooring accent. The tremendous demand for Moroccan rugs – most particularly Beni Ourain rugs – due to their popularity among Western collectors, has ensured that the ancient practice of rug-making in Morocco is as lively as it has historically been.

​Beni Ourain rugs are likely the most comfortable rugs you’ll ever encounter. They are made from 100% sheep wool and are 100% undyed. These heirloom rugs are made for those who appreciate truly the natural world. They are the epitome of warmth and luxury.
All Beni Ourain rugs share a signature style with geometric designs. It’s a classic design for any room. You can expect to see dark brown lines and shapes on a white or cream background. You’ll also see symbols. They tell true stories from each weaver’s life.

Traditional Berber rugs were made by Beni Ourain tribes. They lived deep in Morocco’s Atlas Mountains. 
The Atlas Mountains are in the exact region where special sheep can be found. These smaller sheep are an ancient breed. They produce the excellent high quality wool that makes Beni Ourain rugs so special. Even today, they roam the rugged Middle Atlas Mountains in Morocco. Our Premium rugs are handcrafted from this special breeds of sheep.


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